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If we inspect a home for you and the sale doesn't go through for ANY reason, we will inspect the next home you find for only



Let's be honest, real estate transaction can fall apart for any number of reason such as:

     - Buyer's decides to back out of the deal after home inspection.

     - Buyer and seller are unable to negotiate repairs.

     - Inspection reveals that house is not finaciable by lender.

     - Seller backs out of the deal.


*Terms and Conditions: 

Valid within 30 days from the date of OHI's performance of the previous Home Inspection. The previous home inspection was purchased at regular price. One use per purchase of OHI Home Inspection at regular price. When applicable, subject to additional fees, including without limitation, additional square footage fee, older home fee, mileage fees, pest inspection fee, radon testing fee, infrared camera fee, and duplex fee. Good only in Oregon, USA.

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