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Looking for a quality home inspection in Eugene for an affordable price?

Pest and Dry Rot Inspections Services 

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Don't let wood-destroying organisms ruin your investment

It's important to have your home regularly inspected for these conditions to ensure against costly structural damage. Oregon Home Inspections provides an objective "Pest and Dry Rot" inspection of your home, along with a detailed written report, recommendations, and photos of the findings.


Wood Destroying Organisms (WDOs) find houses to be a great source of food when conducive conditions are present. These conducive conditions are invitations to WODs; once inside the house these organisms can cause serious structural damage to the integrity of the house. WDOs can easily go unnoticed since they typically attack parts of the house that are not readily visible. There are two general conditions of reportable concerns when receiving a structural pest inspection: actual structural damage by an infestation, and conducive conditions.

When performing a structural pest and wood rot inspection we look for actual infestations or substantial damage from the following:​

-  Termites

-  Wood Boring Beetles

-  Carpenter Ants

-  Wood Decay Fungi (Rot)

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