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3D Virtual Inspection Report

The future of home inspection reports is here. No more boring inspection reports.

Virtual Home Inspection Report

3D Inspection Reports are the most interactive and engaging way to review your home inspector's findings. Virtual walkthroughs bring more context to the defective conditions, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of the home's condition.

Oregon Home Inspections, LLC offers Oregon's 1st 3D virtual home inspection report. Interactive 3D inspections

Benefits to Home Buyers

 - Built-in measure tools allow you to plan your furniture layout.

 - Add users to the tour, such as designers, contractors, or other family members.

 - Embed your own photos, videos, and links.

 - Collaborate with other users from within the tour using photos videos and product links.

 - Included floor plans help you visualize the space.

 - Get hassle-free bids by sharing your tour with contractors.

 - Revisit the home any time and as often as you like.

Benefits to Realtors

- Interactive reports help you better understand the home inspector's findings.

- Write better and more accurate repair addendums for your buyers.

- Get repair estimates from contractors without having to revisit the home.

- Remote bids from contractors allows you to easily obtain multiple bids for your buyers, ensuring they get the best deal while saving you time.

Interact With the Inspector's Findings

Tags inside within the 3D report are interactive giving you a better understanding of the defective conditions found during the inspection.

Faster Repair Estimates

Remote estimating eliminates the time-consuming process of meeting multiple contractors on-site in order to get an estimate. 

Collaborate With Others

Invite other users, such as contractors, realtors, and friends, to contribute by adding comments, photos, videos, or links anywhere in the 3D tour. Revisit the home as often as you like.

Built-in Measuring tool

Plan your interior design with built-in tools that allow you to measure walls and plan your furniture layout.

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Q: Will I also get a written Report?

A: YES, in addition to your 3D home inspection report, you will also receive an electronic report that will be emailed as a .PDF that can be easily downloaded and remember if you have questions about your report you can call me anytime including night or weekends.

Q: Are there any subscription costs for hosting my online virtual Inspection report?

A: NO, your 3D report will be active for 1 year. After one year, your online report will go dormant, but it can be reactivated for online access at no cost through at anytime. You will also be able to download an offline file of your report to store on your computer.

Q: How do contractors use the 3D inspection to give me an estimate without visiting the house?

A: The iGuide portal makes it easy to invite contractors into your virtual space. They can then view and explore the property and take measurements to create an estimate. This can be particularly helpful for buyers who are looking to repair, remodel, or refresh the interior of the home.

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