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Inspection Services

When buying or selling a home, it's important to understand its condition. Many homes have issues that you may not know about or have the technical knowledge to detect. A home inspection will reveal these issues and their solutions so you can make an informed decision before purchasing or selling the home. Inspections are performed with a systematic approach, breaking down the house as a whole into systems and components.


Oregon Home Inspections offers the following non-destructive inspection services:


roof image, home inspections

-  Seller's Inspections

-  Buyer's Inspections

-  11 Month Warranty Inspections

-  Maintenance Inspections


pest image, wood destroying insects, wood decay, termites

-  Wood Destroying Insects

-  Wood Decay Fungi (rot)

-  Moisture Damage


thermal imaging scan

-  Hidden Moisture Intrusion

-  Roof Leaks

-  Missing Insulation

-  Electrical Hot Spots

-  HVAC Duct Leaks

-  The Moisture Source of Mold

-  Energy/Heat Loss

Aerail Photography, Drone Inspections Oregon

Drone Service

- Roof Inspections

- Tower Inspections

- Bridge Inspections

- Aerial Photography

- Construction Progress

- Mapping

- 3D Modeling

- Search and Rescue

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