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Sewer Inspection

Pipe Video Inspection in the Eugene & Springfield areas

Don't forget to have your sewer line inspected. Many people don't realize you are responsible for any damage to the sewer pipe from where it leaves the house to where it connects to the city sewer line that could be under your driveway or in the city's right-of-way.

Trees are the least of your worries

Often times people decide to not have a sewer scope done because there are no trees in the front yard and although tree roots can cause a lot of damage to sewer pipes, they are not the number one cause of sewer pipe damage.

Seller said they'd never had a problem

 I have heard this many times before only to discover that the sewer line was actually damaged. It's not that I don't think they were telling the truth is that sometimes the pipe can hold a larger volume of water than is being used at a given time, allowing the pipe to slowly drain out between uses and, therefore, never backing up. If you don't look you won't know

New construction defects

We'd all like to think new construction would be free of defects in the sewer line, but unfortunately, that's not the case. Construction debris in the lines, pipes that have come apart at the fitting because they weren't adequately glued, and pipes that were smashed by heavy equipment during the building process are the most common. I recommend having new sewer lines inspected for the same reason I recommend having new homes inspected.

Don't get stuck with costly repairs

You would never buy a house and not inspect the roof or foundation, so why would you buy a house and not inspect the sewer line? Sewer line replacement can cost as much or more than replacing a roof or repairing a foundation. 

Damaged sewer line in Florence Oregon

This was a break I found on a newly built house in Eugene in 2023. These homeowners found out the hard way that their sewer line was damaged. Be proactive, not reactive!

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