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Did you know that even new homes can have sewer issues?

Sewer System Inspection Services

Get an Non-Biased Opinion

We don't repair sewer lines, so you'll know that if we recommend a repair, it's absolutely necessary. Our inspections are comprehensive and utilize state-of-the-art camera systems to ensure nothing is missed, providing you peace-of-mind about your real estate investment.

Tree roots aren't the #1 cause of sewer pipe damage 

Don't get stuck with costly sewer line repairs or sewage backing up in your new home. If the house you are buying is more than 20 years old it's recommended you have the main sewer line inspected. Main sewer line repair can be upwards of $10,000, so it's important to know before you buy a house if the main sewer line is damaged or needs to be replaced. A camera inspection of the sewer line can identify problems such as root intrusion, cracks, breaks, crushed lines, obstructions, and misaligned joints in the pipe. Inspection includes a video of the sewer line and report with recommendations on needed repairs. Call or email us and request a sewer line inspection.

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Sewer Items We Inspect

  • Root intrusions that can cause blockage

  • Cracks leading to undermining causing breaks

  • Separation in the pipe

  • Broken pipe

  • Collapsed pipe

  • Misalignment in pipe joints

  • Ovaling of sewer line

  • Obstructions in pipe

  • Identification of Orangeburg pipe

  • Low spots in sewer line

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